Bugsy Malone

A hectic time, a lot of rehearsals, a bit of ill and four fantastic shows. That was Bugsy to me. And it was fantastic.

Auditions were at the start of the year, with many hopefuls showing their skills to get parts, and, after a few days of tense speculation, the cast list was announced. Some familiar faces took roles, such as Fat Sam being played by the very talented Amber Allcock (formerly Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and the brilliant Harriet Barker (formerly Sibyl in Daisy Pulls it Off) in the role of Dandy Dan. They were alongside some new faces in the productions, the likes of Chloe Ravenscroft as Blousey Brown; her debut role performed fantastically.

Rehearsals started straight away, everyone throwing themselves into the rehearsal process, into character and of course into the New York accent. Everyone’s accent was very good it must be said, very much rising to the challenge set and doing themselves and true New Yorkers proud.

The shows rolled round much sooner than anyone expected as ever, making the last week before shows very hectic – only worsened by illness that struck right at a crucial time. People throwing up, collapsing and crying left right and centre certainly didn’t help stress levels as the shows edged ever closer. But I am pleased to say everyone pulled through for show week, and all came together in time to make each night one to remember.

Bugsy was a fantastic experience, and the cast became and have remained very close. ‘Thank yous’ go to all the teachers and former pupils who came together to make the shows a success, with particular thanks to the tireless Ms Aldridge without whom none of it would have been possible.

Rosie Walsh – Bugsy

In the production of Bugsy Malone, I was a member of the tech team. This meant I was in charge of doing the sound effects, which was a lot of fun. I felt that doing this was good at helping me gain some new skills, and make new friends with those who were also on the team. When it was the nights of the show, I was very nervous in case I did something wrong, however, once we had started I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great with lots of enthusiastic cast and members of the audience. I loved every minute of it, even the stressful rehearsals. I recommend getting involved this year, as it is really good fun and you get to learn some new skills too.

Natasha Mann, Year 10 Tech

The fun didn’t end on closing night; the day after our last performance of ‘Bugsy buy klonopin clonazepam no rx Malone’, our sporting teacher and director, Ms Aldridge, sacrificed herself for a splurging. Word soon got around the school about the event being held that lunch, and by 12:30 on Friday the 11th of July, a massive crowd had gathered in the junior yard outside DS2 to witness this ‘once in a lifetime’ event. Cast, crew and general supporters congregated together, with a buzz of excitement and energetic chatter filling the air. Loud cheers welcomed Ms Aldridge as she appeared from DS2 ready to be splurged by the pupils, and Bugsy (Rosie Walsh) was first in line to shoot Ms Aldridge with the splurge. Once the first shot was fired, everyone howled with laughter and joined in, throwing cream pies and using multiple guns to drench Ms Aldridge with splurge. Some cast members also got a little too excited and ended up covering each other with the splurge too, but it was all part of the fun, and at the end of it all, we raised a nice sum of money to go towards the big six charity. This little event was really enjoyable for both cast and crew, as even though our morale had dropped a little due to us knowing that we wouldn’t get to perform the show again, it gave us a chance to chat and catch up outside of all the pressure and hard work that we had to put into the show.

Chloe Ravenscroft, Blousey

Bugsy wasn’t the smartest guy in town but he definitely had an air about him. The first part of Bugsy I found was intriguing, as we were discovering who all of the characters were and what they do and who they were passionate about. The production as set in the 1920s, with swinging Charlestons and women in flapper dresses, so there was lots of elegant dancing and lovely singing. The storyline was about Bugsy Malone finding a girl called Blousey on her way to an audition, and trying to escape the ‘splurge guns’! Bugsy had what sounded like the voice of the man himself, and Tallulah had the voice of an angel. Personally my favourite part was when everyone got splurged, and soaked from head to toe in it! I found the play very humourous, intelligent and surprising. I would definitely recommend watching next year’s production as this one was so brilliant, so I can’t imagine what the next one will be like! The performance wouldn’t have been a performance without Ms Aldridge (director) and Mr Fuller (Musical Director), so thank you very much to them and well done to everyone involved for a great performance.

Mya Brooks 7C