The Learning Centre

Our aims are:

To provide students with a library which is easy to access and find information independently

To provide a bright, interesting and stimulating learning environment for all users of The Learning Centre

To promote a sense of community, where all students feel they belong and are welcomed

To provide quiet spaces where students can enjoy reading for pleasure and for quiet study

Provide resources which are current, complement and support the curriculum and reflect students’ interests

Our Resources:

  • We stock a wide selection of fiction books for all students and ability levels, ranging from the classics to graphic novels. The majority of books are part of the Accelerated Reader Programme and our book levels are colour coded
  • Our substantial reference section reflects topics studied in the classroom and helps to broaden students understanding of the outside world. The Librarian works closely alongside each department in school to ensure resources within The Learning Centre are relevant and support learning in the classroom
  • The school has strong links with The Education Library Service, which provides a variety of resources from books, audio books, DVD’s to library collections and projects. The Service also stock a large collection of objects, from historical artefacts, ethnographical items to preserved and mounted animals
  • The Additional Needs Team – The Additional Needs Department are based within The Learning Centre and our Learning Support Assistants are on hand to offer support with homework or other areas of school life our students may be having difficulties with
  • First News Newspapers – A newspaper written for young people
  • Magazines (Curriculum related and general interest)
  • Audio books
  • DVD’s
  • Displays and activities celebrate current calendar events such as World Book Day, National Poetry Day and Remembrance Day
  • Computers in G18 and mini laptops
  • Printer
  • Colour photocopier
  • Dolly – The Mobile Shop Trolley – selling all manner of stationery and printer credits

Our mission:

In The Learning Centre we endeavour to cultivate a positive environment for all students and an enthusiasm for learning. We make a positive contribution towards school life and play a vital role in the encouragement of independent learning. We aim to promote a successful reading culture within school and a life-long love of reading.

We are open:

Monday to Thursday – 7.30 am – 5.15 pm

Fridays – 8.00 am – 3.45 pm

During lesson times – English lessons for students in year 7 – 9

Before school and break time – For reading, study and board games

Lunch time and after school – For reading, study and board games and use of the computers in G18