‘Grease’ is the Word!

Boasting a huge all-singing and all-dancing cast, performing in an array of brightly coloured costumes, Grease was an ambitious production to stage. Did it live up to expectations?

In a word, yes! Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College’s production of the much loved and highly popular musical Grease was a resounding success, winning many well deserved plaudits from the packed audience of children and adults who attended the performances last week. As Head teacher John Leigh commented, Grease was ‘way, way, way beyond good, with real energy and passion on display creating a sense of enjoyment that was truly infectious’.

From the opening bars which signalled the start of an amazing evening of live music, right until the final chorus of ‘We Go Together’, the whole show radiated groove, it had meaning, and for the entire cast, ‘Grease’ was most definitely what they were feeling! And they weren’t the only ones!

What was significant about this year’s production – and what made it all the more exciting and indeed special – was the addition of boys from Sandbach School to the cast. The all-girl presentations of school productions past have undoubtedly held their own in terms of glowing performances and talent on stage, but a mixed cast production of Grease, was something else; the boys’ presence on stage added a new dimension which was both charming and delightful. Will Dakin, a fine Danny, was the perfect match to Katie French’s sweet Sandy whose beautiful voice was particularly impressive during a soulful rendition of ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You.’

A couple of standout performances made Grease really enjoyable, the first being Georgia Parker Aitken who played Vince Fontaine. Her hip swaying interpretation of the cheeky host was simply hilarious! Another talent was Rosie Walsh – the audience’s initial confusion at the different voices being emitted turned to one of astonishment when it became clear that she was basically performing a clip of the film that Danny and Sandy watch at the drive-in cinema during a date!

Full of fun and energy, Grease was one happy and enthusiastic production with every single member of the cast smiling, laughing, singing and dancing their way through the evening. So much positivity and talent on display was a treat to behold – Drama teacher and director Mrs Bennion, along with the entire cast and crew deserve huge thanks and congratulations for reminding us once again that like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, Grease is the word!

Comments from the cast and crew:

I have enjoyed everything about the Grease experience, from the moment it was announced in assembly to every single rehearsal. I’ve enjoyed working with all the cast and getting to know them all.

Emily Iwancz Yr 10 – Patty Simcox

I enjoyed getting to meet new people and have fun during rehearsal. It has given me a new experience. 

Rebecca Price-Jones Yr 9 – Chorus

I have enjoyed working with people I haven’t worked with before. 

Emily Bennett Yr 9 – Stage Management

I enjoyed working with people I wouldn’t have talked to normally. I also enjoyed the experience of helping backstage.

Natalie Stevenson Yr 9 – Stage Management

…if we don’t remember what we’re doing the teachers are happy to remind us!

Charlotte Willacy Yr 8 – Chorus

I enjoyed learning new skills with the microphones and creating new friendships. I also enjoyed learning how to ‘trouble shoot’ with the technology!

Tasha Mann Yr 10 – Tech

I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, and gaining further experience in musical theatre. I’ve also enjoyed learning the dance routines, as they can be quite challenging!

Emily Moss Yr 9 – Chorus

I’ve really enjoyed performing in my first production!

Imogen Howard Yr 9 – Chorus

It’s good fun being in Grease because I enjoy being on stage – it gives you a taste for it if you want to make it your career.

Lydia Ravenscroft Yr 8 – Chorus

As my last big production at SHSSFC I couldn’t be more pleased and excited for the outcome. As ever, it’s been lovely to be a part of what always becomes a tight-knit cast, and I’m gutted it’s my last one! Thanks for all the hard work from the teachers, who always produce the best. X

Amber Allcock Yr 13 – Rizzo