School Governors

Who can be a School Governor?

No special qualifications are needed to become a school governor. Governors need to be interested in the work of schools, their teachers and students. They should also have enthusiasm for education processes.

Governors can be:

• Parents – elected by parents with children on the school roll
• Staff – elected by staff at the school
• Appointed – appointed by existing members of the Governing Body to embolden links with the local community or to aquire a skill set not currently represented amongst existing Governors for example

The way in which governors are appointed or elected varies with each category. However, once appointed, all governors have the same rights, powers and responsibilities.

What do School Governors do?

There are three main reasons why governors are necessary:
• They make sure the school is run according to the needs and wishes of the local community.
• They support, promote and protect the interests of the school, its students and staff.
• They are a visible form of accountability.

School governors come from a variety of backgrounds. They are not expected to be experts in educational matters. That’s the responsibility of the Headteacher and staff.

The role of the school governor and governing body is:

• to take a strategic overview of school related issues
• to set a broad framework within which the Headteacher can work
• concerned with the general oversight of the conduct of the school

The Headteacher is responsible for the organisation and management within the school.

School governors are expected to:

• Work as a member of the governing body for the best interests of the school
• Attend the regular meetings and special meetings of the governing body
• Serve on committees which deal with the governing body’s legal obligations
• Become familiar with general educational issues and developments
• Take an interest in school activities
• Promote the school within the local community
• Commit time to the duties and responsibilities of a governor

Governors are expected to be involved in:

• staff appointments and discipline
• student discipline
• the school curriculum
• the financial management of the school
• the school development plan and action plan
• health and safety matters
• governor training

So….how can we help?

If you would like to consult the governors about anything mentioned on this sheet please contact Gill Kesteven, Clerk to the Governors on 01270 765031 or mail and she will pass on your request without delay.

Chair of Governors

Miss Ginny Wynn (Term of Office July 2015 – July 2019) – re- appointed until December 2019

I first walked through the door of Sandbach High School in January 1980 as a teacher of PE and later as teacher of Mathematics. I eventually became Deputy Headteacher with oversight of the school’s pastoral provision and take great pride in having been involved with shaping our school such that it is the caring and well-ordered community that we know today. After retiring from teaching in July 2014 I was delighted to be appointed as a school governor and more recently as Chair of Governors. My passion for the girls of Sandbach High School remains as strong as ever and I am proud to still be part of this outstanding school after 35 years!

Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Gerard Heath (Term of Office May  18 – May 22 – Appointed Vice Chair FGB meeting 21/9/17) – re-appointed until December 2019.

Parent Governors

Mrs Anna Condliffe (Term of Office December 16 – December 20 – Appointed FGB meeting 06/12/16)

Mr Dom Graham (Term of office February 17 – February 21 – Appointed FGB meeting)

Mrs Cathryn Houghton (Term of Office December 15 – December 19 – Appointed FGB meeting 1/12/15) – resigned July 2019

Mr Ben Hunt (Term of Office December 15 – December 19 – Appointed FGB meeting 1/12/15)

Appointed Governors

Mr Tom Jones ( Term of Office April 18 – April 22  – Re-appointed FGB meeting 20/3/18)

Mr Alan Bell (Term of Office September 18 – September 22 – Re-appointed FGB meeting 03/07/18)

Mrs Deborah Broad (Term of Office September 18 – September 22 – Re-appointed FGB meeting 03/07/18)

Mrs Stephanie Owen (Term of Office October 18 – October 22  – Re-appointed FGB meeting 03/07/18)

Mrs Ella Brett (Term of Office September 18 – September 22  – Re-appointed FGB meeting 03/07/18) – resigned May 2019

Mrs Sharon Joyce (Term of Office September 18 – September 22 – Re-appointed FGB meeting 03/07/18)

Mrs Joanne Pressler (Term of Office September 18 – September 22)

Staff Governors

Mr John Leigh (Headteacher)

Mrs Sara Halstead (Term of Office July 18 – July 22 – Appointed FGB meeting 03/7/18)

Miss H O’Rourke (Term of Office July 18 – July 22 – Appointed FGB meeting 03/7/18)

Mrs H Hulse (Term of Office September 18 – September 22 – Appointed FGB meeting 20/9/18)

Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs Gill Kesteven


Meeting Attendance for Academic Year 2017-2018
Governor Name Full Board Meetings  Resigned
 Mrs J Astins  5/5 31/8/2018
 Mr A Bell  5/5
 Mr A Bradley  3/4 8/6/2018
 Mrs E Brett  1/5
 Mrs D Broad  2/5
 Mrs A Condliffe  4/5
 Mr A Ford  4/5 31/8/2018
 Mr G Heath  5/5
 Mrs C Houghton  4/5
 Mr B Hunt  5/5
 Mr T Jones  3/5
 Mrs S Joyce  4/5
 Tracey Edwards  2/5
 Mr J Leigh  5/5
 Mrs S Owen  4/5
 Mr D Graham  2/5
 Miss A Whalley  2/5 31/8/2018
 Mrs J Wilkins  0/2
 Miss G Wynn  5/5
 Mrs S Halstead  1/1
 Miss H O’Rourke  1/1
Meeting Attendance for Academic Year 2016-2017
Governor Name Full Board Meetings  Resigned
 Mrs J Astins 5/5
 Mr A Bell 4/5
 Mr A Bradley 3/5
 Mrs E Brett 2/5
 Mrs D Broad 4/5
 Mrs J Flaherty 2/4  Resigned May 2017
 Mr A Ford 5/5
 Mr G Heath 5/5
 Mrs C Houghton 4/5
 Mr B Hunt 5/5
 Mr T Jones 3/5
 Mrs S Joyce 5/5
 Mrs A Condliffe 4/4
 Mr J Leigh  5/5
 Mrs S Owen  5/5
Mrs T Edwards 3/3
 Miss A Whalley 4/5
 Mrs J Wilkins  2/5
 Mr D Graham 3/3
 Miss G Wynn  5/5

Attendance at sub-committee meetings 2017-2018

Attendance at sub-committee meetings 2016-2017

Finance & Leadership sub-committee – Sharon Joyce (Chair)

Environmental & Premises sub-committee – Ben Hunt (Chair)

Learning & Teaching sub-committee – Tom Jones (Chair)

Pupil Progress sub committee – Debbie Broad (Chair)

Staffing sub-committee – Steph Owen (Chair)



Mr Gerry Heath has made a declaration of business interest – further details on request to the Clerk


The Following Governors have children/grandchildren at Sandbach High School & Sixth Form College

Mrs E Brett, Mrs D Broad, Mr T Jones, Mrs S Joyce,  Mrs S Owen, Mrs J Wilkins,  Mrs C Houghton, Mr B Hunt, Mrs A Condliffe, Mrs T Edwards, Mr D Graham