Behaviour For Learning Grades

1   In addition to 2,

  • She is polite and her behaviour is excellent.
  • Her behaviour motivates and encourages others to behave well.
  • She is considerate and supportive of others.
  • She makes an outstanding contribution to the lesson.

2 [The minimum expectation]

  • Her behaviour makes a strong contribution to good learning in lessons.
  • She is polite and routinely shows responsibility for her own behaviour, setting consistently high standards for herself.
  • She responds quickly to instructions and to any guidance from staff about how to conduct herself.  Time is not wasted.
  • She doesn’t talk when others are talking showing respect for other people’s learning
  • She has all the correct equipment

3  Although at times she can be polite and show responsibility for her

    own behaviour one or more of the following apply

  • Sometimes time is wasted through off-task chatter and lack of attention in lessons.
  • She allows herself to lose focus and be easily distracted.
  • She speaks when others are speaking.
  • She can be slow in responding to instructions or to guidance from staff on how to conduct herself.
  • She is late without good reason.
  • She takes herself or others off task.
  • She has to be moved due to poor behaviour
  • She shows negative body language

4 Removed from the lesson by a member of SLT

  • She shows a lack of respect for – or direct challenge to – the teacher.
  • Her behaviour can be disruptive, adversely affecting her learning and that of others.

9  Her behaviour was consistent with a 2 grade. However, she arrived at 

    the lesson without the correct equipment.