Careers Education Information and Guidance Policy

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The CEIAG programme at Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College is based around shaping futures, learning with passion, respecting difference, nurturing ambition and creating opportunity.
It enables students to increase their awareness of the wide range of opportunities available to them in Further and Higher education and the world of work.
We offer all students a range of advice and experiences (for example, work experience during Year 10) which will enable them to make considered judgements for their futures at the relevant stages as they progress through education.
CEIAG itself is designed to meet the needs of our learners. Activities are differentiated and personalised to ensure progression in careers learning and development.

Key themes for CEIAG

• Self-Development/understanding yourself and influences on you.
• Careers exploration/investigating opportunities in learning and employment.
• Career Management/making, adjusting and implementing plans to manage major transitions.


Careers policy

Our Careers Leader is Mrs S Halstead
The programme includes access to one-to-one careers interviews with our Level 7 qualified Careers Adviser, Mrs C Holland
The Careers Adviser works with School and College staff to support and enhance the careers education programme. Her role is to help your daughter make informed decisions and overcome any barriers she may face.

Careers lessons are delivered in Years 10 and 11 by relevant staff and monitored and evaluated bi-annually by Mr D Shaw , Careers Co-ordinator
The main topics included with the careers lesson programme are:
• Work Experience
• Interview Techniques
• Budgeting
• CV
• Post 16 Options
• Banking and Loans
• Jobs and Skills
• Why do we make decisions
• Describe skills – what employers are looking for
An overview of the year 10 and 11 Scheme of Work can be found here

Year 10 and 11 Scheme of Work


Staff development

Staff training needs will be identified in line with the CPD policy of Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College.