Year 9 Options

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The Year 10 Programme of Study for September 2021 is divided into compulsory subjects and optional subjects.

When making your choices it is important to try to ensure you will be following a balanced curriculum.  Your possible career intentions may well influence your choices.  The compulsory subjects are:

English Language

English Literature


French or Spanish (your main language studied in Years 7-9)

Combined Science or Physics, Chemistry & Biology


Non-examination courses in:

Physical Education

Religious Education




For information only – English Baccalaureate (Ebacc)

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) qualification is a combination of subjects that the government claim “keeps young people’s options open for further study and future careers”. To gain an Ebacc a pupil will have to gain at least a grade 5 in each of English, Mathematics, a language, two or more sciences (Combined Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and/or Computer Science) and History or Geography. It is the government’s ambition to see 75% of pupils studying the EBacc subject combination at GCSE by 2022, and 90% by 2025. Currently national figures are short of this ambition as the national average for Ebacc entries in 2019 was 40% (we entered 57%).

As a school we are not making Ebacc a requirement, although our core curriculum covers all elements of the Ebacc with the exception of History or Geography. A student wishing to complete the Ebacc would need to take History or Geography as one of their option subjects. We are not aware at this point in time that any universities or employers require this qualification but we are unable to say whether this will remain the case in the future. We are providing this information to ensure that you are aware of the situation at a national level and can make an informed choice.

Art & Design – Fine Art
Art & Design – Photography
Child Development
Computer Science
Creative iMedia
Design & Technology – Graphics
Design & Technology – Product Design
Design & Technology – Textiles
English Language
English Literature
Enterprise (Formally Business Studies)
Food Preparation and Nutrition
Health & Social Care
Hospitality & Catering
Modern Foreign Languages
Physical Education
Religious Studies
Science – Combined
Science – Biology
Science – Chemistry
Science – Physics
Travel & Tourism