Parent and Student Surveys

Our student and parent surveys are an important tool in driving our School Growth Plan (SGP) and school self evaluation.

Surveys began several years ago with random sampling. Needless to say, although the information we gathered was helpful, it was very small-scale and we were keen to expand the facility to all students and parents.

Software developments mean that we can now survey the whole school population on an annual basis which gives us invaluable information. Surveys are anonymous, giving everyone the opportunity to be frank and open about our community.

Student surveys are carried out during the Autumn term once Year 7 have had a chance to settle in and the Parent survey in the Spring term – this dovetails well with our annual SGP update.

Feedback from surveys has impacted in many areas of the school:

Teaching and learning
On site safety measures
School rebranding
Uniform updates
Single lockers for all pupils
Revamped school menus
Refurbished toilet facilities
School mission statement

Our software also provides an opportunity for in-house and curriculum evaluation which is growing in popularity and enables curriculum leaders, for example, to receive direct feedback on lessons and enrichment events.

If you have any comments or suggestions to make about our surveys, then please contact Caroline Senior at

Student Survey 2018

Parent Survey 2019