G8 Way 3

This is a platform which allows students, parents and guardians to securely access the school’s system to obtain academic data such as BfL grades, attendance and assessment summary.

Welcome to G8Way 3

Please click on the hyperlink that applies to you.

Available on computer, laptop, tablet and mobile

Available on computer, laptop, tablet and mobile

G8way is compatible across all popular devices and supports multiple browsers. please be aware on mobile devices like phones and tablets, you are diverted to a cut down version of G8way 3 that shows only highlights of attendance, homework. For more detailed information please access G8way 3 from a computer or laptop.

BfL grades are completed using a module developed for attendance and, as such, the mobile/tablet view shows whether a student has attended the lesson in the form of a check box only.  BfL grades can only be seen by accessing the full version of G8Way3 (using a PC or laptop) via the Parents section of the school website and by drilling down into the student’s attendance.

Select Student Record link (at the bottom of the Student Dashboard) | Student Lesson Attendance Summary | More Lesson Attendance Details (including BfL grades).  Explanatory information about the grades and their meaning can be found in the student planner.

Since the latest design implementation earlier in 2016 the navigation pane which was always visible on the left of your window has now been hidden with a toggle button to controls the navigation pane from appearing out from the left. The toggle button that control the navigation pane is located towards the top left of your window and looks like 3 white horizontal bars.


How do I register?

On joining school, all parents are asked to complete a Data Collection Sheet.  Subject to receipt of the relevant consent, an email will be sent to the parent containing a username.  You must respond to the email confirming your daughter’s name, date of birth and registration group and a password will be issued via a separate email.

Parents are requested:

  • to keep their login details secure and not divulge the password to anyone else
  • inform the school if they suspect their password has been compromised

Parents who have not previously been given a user account for G8Way3 can request one by emailing helpdesk@sandhigh.cheshire.sch.uk. Please note this must be sent from an email address already held on record by the school.

Regrettably, we are unable to issue accounts to contacts of students who do not have parental responsibility.

The most common problem when you are unable to log in is a forgotten password, where the symptoms you will experience is the authentication box keeps reappearing followed by “this page has not been shared with you” after a number of attempts. Please see the next section on how to have your password reset.

It has been noticed that other users of G8way 3 have not been getting the authentication box and it goes straight to “this page has not been shared with you”. This is due to another user for example daughter, mother, father etc has inadvertently saved their password in the browser’s cache simulating an auto log in to the site.

To resolve this you would need to clear stored passwords from your computer’s browser.

A workaround would be to use Private Browsing which when directing too is slightly different depending on the browser you are using.

Internet Explorer (InPrivate)

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Hold down CTRL and shift then press P
  • A new window will appear with InPrivate displayed in the top left corner.
  • Navigate as normal to G8Way 3


Google Chrome (Incognito)

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner of the window
  • Click incognito mode
  • Navigate as normal to G8Way 3

Firefox (Private Window)

  • Open Firefox
  • Click on the 3 horizontal bars icon in the top right corner
  • Click on New Private window
  • Navigate as normal to G8Way 3


You are able to change your password by logging on to any computer or laptop and navigating to the “My Account” page. Please be aware that you are not able to change your password from a mobile and tablet as these devices render a streamline version of G8Way 3.

Your new password must comply with our complexity rules:

  • At least 7 characters in length
  • Has a change in case eg. capital letter
  • At least 1 number
  • Nothing to personal to yourself eg. your name
If you have forgotten your password please email helpdesk@sandhigh.cheshire.sch.uk to have your password reset.  Please be sure to make it clear who your daughter is and your username if you know it.  Password reset information will be sent to the registered email address you provided us when you enrolled.