School Results

A Level August 2018

This summer’s results reflect a successful outcome for our students and their teachers. The progress made by students has enabled them to celebrate individual and collective successes with students going on to a range of university courses and apprenticeships. Our students are accepting places at Oxford to read Music, Cambridge to read Natural Sciences and in addition we have several students reading Medicine and Dentistry. Two students are attending Music Conservatoires with fellow students following other subjects ranging from Law to teaching, Health and Social Care to Engineering, Mathematics through to Fashion.

The number of top grades, A* and A grades and vocational equivalents, are in line with national averages whilst the pass rate for grades A* to E was significantly above. The top grade, A*, was achieved across a range of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Food, Law, Mathematics, PE and RS highlighting a strength in depth. Similar success was enjoyed by students following vocational courses in Business and Hospitality & Catering, for example.

Several of our students are able to follow their lifelong ambitions with one student taking up her place with the RAF and another pursuing her international gymnastic career, confident that she can fall back if necessary on some impressive A level results.

“These results are highly pleasing and reflect a successful outcome for our students and their teachers. Curriculum and assessment changes have made it difficult to predict results but for our part our students have exceeded expectations as reflected in their excellent progress.”

J M Leigh


GCSE Summer 2018

“At a time when GCSEs are at their hardest, with our students and teachers facing demanding changes to the curriculum and assessment arrangements we are just 1% off re-writing our school records such is the quality of this year’s outcomes. I am extremely proud of our students’ successes this year.

Three out of ten results were grades A/7 or above whilst more than four out of every five grades were C/4 or better with an overall pass rate of 100%, ensuring once more that we surpass national averages.

Results across many subjects were striking but impressively we have seen very strong outcomes in Mathematics, English and the Sciences. At a time when the popularity of Modern Foreign Languages is waning in many schools, our commitment to Languages for All has been rewarded with a bumper crop of outcomes in French, German and Spanish.

Whilst the attainment of our students was impressive, their progress was equally notable and I should like to congratulate all our students and their teachers on a remarkable set of results.

One student deserves special mention as her performance was “exceptional”. Congratulations are extended to Ella Reeder who achieved straight NINES in her GCSEs and is moving in to our sixth form college to study A levels including Maths and Further Maths. Ella is one of a small number of students nationally to achieve that feat and our first student to accomplish that remarkable bench mark.”

J M Leigh


Progress & Attainment

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