Remote Access

Remote access allows users to access the school’s network as if they were logging on to anyone of the computers in the school

Please click on the operating system emblem that applies to you

Windows7logo Download Remote Access
After installation is complete, a desktop icon will appear allowing a faster, more direct access to your work.
applelogo Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac from the App Store.
For help configuring the app once installed follow this guide: Remote Access for Mac.pdf

There are many easy resolvable issues that can prevent your computer from performing in a manner that you would expect and can also prevent you from connecting to remote access.

Advice offered should be carried out by someone who is familiar and is comfortable performing routine Windows maintenance.  Performed incorrectly can cause system instability and system failure.  If you choose to continue you do so at your own risk.  It is recommended that you seek professional advice if you are uncomfortable with performing any recommendations.

Out Dated Operating System

The easiest way to fix this is to run Windows Update on your computer:

  • Click Start
  • Search by Typing: Windows Update
  • Click on Windows Update icon
  • Check for Windows Updates

Outdated, non-functioning or multiple antivirus software

Many computers I support have had Antivirus problems which can lead to threats compromising your personal details and can show symptoms of sluggish behaviour. First check that you only have one antivirus present and that it has updated software and definitions timestamps. More in this case does not mean better.

Choices of antivirus software can often be expansive and there are plenty of free antivirus software that can be just as good as paid subscription antivirus.

Window 8, 8.1 and now Windows 10 are the most common operating systems currently being shipped with all Windows based computers, tablets and laptops and comes with Windows Defender preinstalled so there is no need to install additional Anti Virus on your computer.

However if you wish not to use Windows Defender or you have one of Windows earlier operating systems. Eg Windows 7 or Vista I have offered I few alternative free antivirus packages

If you still cannot connect please feel free to email us and we will try assist you either via email, over the phone or remote assistance.