What should i do if i am being bullied?

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What should i do if i am being bullied?

The most important thing to do when being bullied is to let someone know about your situation. We understand the courage it takes to tell someone about your situation. As long as it is someone you trust, actions can be made where appropriate. Often, teachers are brilliant people to go to. Parents or carers can be great as well. Friends can be inconsistent. Whereas, you can ask adults and they have more experience to help you. 

I am too scared to ask anyone 

Sometimes you might not want to tell anyone. Take some time to think things over in your head, maybe write your situation down. Then when you feel ready you can share your experiences with your trusted adult. Remember, these things take time. 

I don’t really want to tell an adult 

If you don’t want to tell an adult about your situation, we have student anti-bullying ambassadors. We are always here to help and give support to you when you need it. 

Another great way to contact someone who is not an adult about bullying is to use this school email. This email has been set up to help you have somewhere to go to report your situation. If you are not confident to share your name don’t panic. Your name will be shared if you want it to be. This email is also student led. Stampitout@sandbachhigh.co.uk 

More information about Stamp it out and our anti-bullying campaign can been see on our friendships and bullying charter page


I don’t trust any adults I know 

Some people find it easier to talk to someone who doesn’t know them personally. This is fine, the most important thing is you get quick access to the help and support you need. Some other great options are: