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General information

We have a hard working and professional ethos in Physical Education – we strive to develop in young people the enthusiasm, competence and understanding to pursue an active lifestyle by regularly taking part in purposeful physical activity and/or sport. We fully understand the potential of Physical Education to promote the physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of our pupils through a coherent, balanced and enjoyable programme of physical activities within the formal and informal school setting.

We have superb practical facilities that include: Sports Hall [6 badminton courts in size]; Astro Turf Pitch, hard court areas [4 netball/tennis courts]; a 400m grass running track, 6 rounders pitches, 2 lane long jump pit.

The subject areas we offer are as follows:
Key Stage 3 & 4 Core Curriculum
AQA GCSE Physical Education
OCR A Level Physical Education
BTEC Level 2 National Diploma in Sport

Every pupil at Sandbach High School is encouraged to take part in our extensive extra-curricular PE programme. During these times, the PE department organise practices, clubs and competitions. We encourage and develop a ‘sport for all’ philosophy whilst providing further opportunities for more able pupils to represent the school in a wide range of sports.

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Curriculum Lead

Miss S Friend 


Sandbach High School’s PE department aims to provide an outstanding PE experience for every young personal, enabling them to achieve their personal best. Pupils will experience a range of high quality school sport within the curriculum with their teachers striving to consistently deliver outstanding teaching and monitoring of learning and progress. Our curriculum is designed to help all pupils identify and develop what they are good at, leading them to greater confidence and self-esteem. 

Our curriculum is designed to create opportunities, broaden sporting experiences and enable pupils to develop their understanding and practical performance, leading them to greater confidence and self-esteem, mirroring the schools 5 visions and values.  

  1. Shaping futures- Prepare students for the future by equipping them with the knowledge to lead a physically and mentally healthy and active lifestyle. 
  2. Creating opportunity-Have opportunities in a broad and balanced curriculum to work independently to showcase their skills and be placed in challenging situations where they can develop resilience. 
  3. Nurturing ambition- Promoting positive experiences of physical exercise with help and support to enable students to aspire towards what they wish to pursue.  
  4. Learning with passion- Students will learn the fundamental skills that will allow them to be able to contribute fully to not only the school but the wider community now and to prepare students for the future. 
  5. Respecting difference- Providing students with the opportunity to work within varied groups and teams, educating them through physical activity in varied sporting roles 


Our Key Stage 3 core curriculum focuses on developing physical competences and performance skills; an understanding of healthy, active lifestyles and opportunities to evaluate and create solutions.  Classes are taught in mixed ability form groups and all pupils in Years 7 – 9 have four PE lessons per fortnight.  Activities taught include netball, hockey, rounders, cricket, athletics, health & fitness, badminton, football, volleyball and gymnastics. Pupils will learn what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles further. They should also develop their confidence and interest in exercise and sports out of school and in later life, learning to understand and apply the long-term benefits of physical activity.  

Key Stage 3 pupils are supported through the SAIL assessment model where lessons are sequenced to enable all pupils to achieve under each SAIL strand.  



Skills & Techniques 

Application & Tactics 

Improving & Evaluating 


Grade 6 

I can demonstrate an increased range of refined skills and techniques with competent performance of most individual/group skills which are performed with great control, consistency and technical proficiency. 


I can select appropriately from a wide range of complex skills, and can demonstrate anticipation, tactical awareness and creativity with increasing competence. 

I can make and adapt decisions about how I will plan and approach my performance in response to new or changing situations. 

I can show the ability to observe complex actions or simple combinations of movement patterns/ skills. 

I can analyse and comment on how complex skills, techniques and ideas have been used in my own or others work, and on compositional and other aspects of performance, and suggest detailed ways to improve. 

I can communicate so I am understood and some appropriate non-verbal gestures are used. I understand and use some relevant technical terms correctly. 

I can plan and lead larger groups in a safe environment demonstrating a degree of improvement in performance in both groups and individuals. 

I can officiate confidently. 

Grade 5 

I can demonstrate moderate success in performing  a range of complex individual/group skills/and techniques, which are performed with some consistency and control 

I can demonstrate some success and is moderately effective in the activity/game, showing an awareness of more complex tactics. 

I can make decisions about how I will plan and approach my performance and begin to vary these in response to changing situations. 

I can analyse when complex skills are used effectively in a performance/competitive context and can describe simple tactics, strategies, compositional principles, and the ability to use some technical terms, independently suggesting a simple strategy for improvement. 

I can plan and lead larger groups of students (1/2 class) communicating effectively so sessions are safe and have a positive impact on the performance of an individual and / or a group/team. 

I can use a number of communication strategies and demonstrates a developing level of confidence. 

Grade 4 

I can perform all basic skills needed for an effective performance 

I can perform a small amount of advanced techniques with limited consistency and control 

I can create & use most basic strategies/tactics  

I can successfully evaluate the effectiveness of simple strategy/ composition/ tactics 

I can analyse the performance of an individual or a team and create a clear plan for improvement 

I can organise a small group or team 


Grade 3 

I can perform most basic skills consistently in cooperative & competitive/conditioned situations 


I can successfully choose and put together skills in familiar and unfamiliar situations sticking to the laws/rules/conditions of the activity. 

I can create & use some strategies/tactics 

I can name the strengths and areas for development in my own and others work suggesting action points for improvement 


I can manage a team with confidence 



Grade 2 

I can perform lots of basic skills in competitive situations 

I can apply simple rules, strategies and tactics whilst choosing the right skills. 

I can look at my own performance against the perfect model or other performances, and choose areas for development 

I can help in leading a three part warm up 


Grade 1 

I can perform a growing number of skills in non-challenging situations 

I can show a basic understanding of simple rules 

I can suggest ways in which a performance could be improved 

I can copy a 2 part warm up 


S Scale 

I can perform a small number of basic skills with a little bit of teacher support and use of modified equipment 

I can attempt to apply a small number of basic skills into competitive activities with a little bit of success 

I can watch performances and say what is good and bad about them on my own 

I can participate in my own warm up with a some of support from the teacher 



The PE department is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for pupils that decide to study GCSE PE. Those who select to study GCSE PE in Year 10 have five lessons (2 practical based and 3 theory) in addition to the core 3 per fortnight and follow the AQA syllabus. 



Our Key Stage 5 pupils have the opportunity of the courses as follows; 


OCR A Level Physical Education- the equivalent of 1 A Level (A*-U)  


The course develops knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to physical education. Students gain an understanding of the scientific, anatomical, psychological, and socio-cultural factors that underpin physical activity, and demonstrate their ability as either performer or coach in one sport activity.  

BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Sport- the equivalent of 3 A Levels (Pass to Distinction*)  

Students will develop practical skills in specialist areas and will learn about the factors that contribute to improving performance. Students will explore the science of sport including units in anatomy & physiology as well as skill acquisition and sports research methods. With additional units encouraging sports participation and developing skills for students to organise and lead events and activities as well as a undertaking a work experience placement.  

Wider Curriculum

Sandbach High School’s reputation for sport is outstanding, having produced many athletes who go onto play at County, Regional and National level. The department usually undertakes 3-5 fixtures on a weekly basis, providing a vast array of competitive opportunity for students. There are a diverse range of sports that students are able to represent the school in, including; athletics, cricket, cross country, hockey, netball, rounders, rugby and volleyball.  

The department run regular enrichment trips and tours including Spain sports tour, Holland sports tour, external coaching sessions, university sports science experience days and international sports event trips (e.g. England Netball game).  

Useful Links

5 ways I can help my child at KS3 


Naming and kit organisation 

Discuss following a healthy, active lifestyle at home 

Encourage regular physical activity per day – 30 minutes moderate inside and outside of school 

Explore and discuss diet, nutrition and hydration within the home environment 

Promote and encourage engagement of sport in the media 


5 ways I can help my child at KS4 GCSE PE 


Support my child in gaining the correct video evidence in all sports required for their NEA practical evidence 

Encourage participation in at least one club sporting activity outside of school 

Encourage and discussion of analysis in a variety of sports with a keen interest in sports in the media 

Encourage consolidation of learning through regular revision 

Discuss and encourage following a healthy, active lifestyle including diet and nutrition 


5 ways I can help my child at KS5 


Support my child in gaining the range of video evidence required in their individual chosen sport assessment 

Complete regular discussion/ analysis of sport in the media 

Engage in enrichment activities in sport such as work experience and part-time sports-based opportunities 

Encourage following a healthy, active lifestyle, maintaining and improving the fitness and skill required for NEA practical assessments 

Support in regular consolidation of learning through effective revision