sandbach high school

General information


Our Vision;

  • Foster a love of Maths at all levels: students of all abilities should feed off the passion of their Maths teacher. They must have opportunities to see the beauty of Maths and share in ‘wow’ moments. 
  • Develop confident problem solvers: we must ensure that students have the confidence to apply their knowledge in new and unexpected scenarios. We will ensure they see the links between different areas of Mathematics and develop an appreciation that problem solving is a transferable skill that will serve them well in other areas of life. 
  • Highlight the bigger picture: our curriculum must include practical applications of Mathematics. Students need to see where Maths fits in the world including the links with their other subjects. 
  • Lead to academic success: our curriculum design must lead to significant progress for students of all abilities and inspire students to continue their study of Maths beyond Key Stage 5. 

Curriculum Lead

Curriculum Lead - Fiona Fishburne


The Maths department have worked hard to develop a 5 year scheme of work that allows all students to become fluent with their skills and have strong reasoning and problem solving strategies. Whilst developing this we have collaborated with other departments across the school to ensure that students see ‘the bigger picture’. We believe that this approach, combined with passionate Maths teaching, will foster a love of learning for Maths that will lead to all students reaching their potential. 

In Years 7 and 8 all students follow the same scheme of work. Our scheme of work ensures smooth transition from primary school. Lessons are designed using the teaching for mastery approach. From Year 9 students are grouped on ability.

In all year groups students sit mini unit tests throughout the course to test their understanding of current topics. Each year they also take two longer holistic examinations which require students to recall prior learning. 

Throughout all years homework is set weekly using a combination of written tasks and the Hegarty Maths website. In Year 11 the students prepare for their final examinations by using examination paper booklets.  


In Year 11, our students are entered for their GCSE Mathematics with the exam board EDEXCEL.   

More information, including the specification and course materials, can be found here: 

We are launching Further Maths GCSE as an optional extra for our most able mathematicians in Year 10. This will be delivered outside normal lesson time. 

At Key Stage 5 we offer A level Maths, A level Further Maths and Core Maths. 

We follow the Edexcel A level Mathematics course. This consists of units in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.  

The Further Mathematics A level is also with EDEXCEL and includes Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics, as well as Decision Mathematics. 

More information, including specifications and course materials, can be found here: 

We also offer a 1 year course in Core Mathematics. This is appropriate for a wider ability range and is made up of real world applications of mathematics. The course supports the study of full A Levels in areas such as social sciences, business, psychology, sciences, and health sciences. 

More information can be found here: 

Wider Curriculum

Where ever possible we find opportunities to support students and enhance our curriculum: 

- Weekly Maths Clinics for all key stages 

- Numeracy week and pi day 

- Maths practical day 

- Maths inspiration lectures 

- STEM and Maths competition with local schools 

- Form time intervention 

- ‘Wider World’ lessons, including mathematical careers talks 

Useful Links

Useful links: 

5 ways to help your child at home: 

- Help develop a curiosity for Maths and problem solving; try to find the maths in everyday situations, encourage to explore mathematical careers and courses 

- Support them in becoming independent and organised; ensuring they have the correct equipment for all lessons and they complete homework by the deadline 

- In Years 7 and 8 encourage students to use TT Rockstars and Mathspad websites; these are aimed securing their numeracy skills 

- Support students with using the Hegarty Maths website; encourage them to access it regularly and use the 'memri' and 'fix up 5' tools 

- In Years 12 and 13 ensure students are completing their Independent Study packs; the most successful students get into good habits with this as soon as they embark on their A levels