sandbach high school and sixth form college

Extracurricular Activities

There is always plenty to do in school! The following clubs are just a taste of what we offer. They run Monday to Friday in groups to suit all ages at lunchtimes and after school, and some (such as breakfast club) early in the morning before school. Times vary depending on the time of year and are displayed on our Extracurricular program which is in form rooms and on the website. 


The number of clubs which we offer as extracurricular activities remains first class and at lunch times in particular the school is a hive of activity with a wide range of clubs and societies for pupils to get involved in. The provision of clubs varies according to the particular school term and on a yearly basis according to changes in staffing. The list below gives a feel for the range of activities. Alongside the fantastic variety of PE Clubs there are also opportunities for pupils to catch up if experiencing problems in their studies as well as learn new skills or develop existing interests. On top of all the Music clubs offered are the specialist lessons. 

Most lunch times the Art block and textiles areas find lots of students engaged in activities whilst the Drama Studio seems to be bursting at the seams with the numbers attending. Old favourites like the Electric Car Club (CAUC car club ) continue to the well supported, whilst newer activities such as STEM Club and Let's Get Cooking have become popular. 

Whilst the list is super, it’s difficult to capture the real impact of extracurricular activities so we would like to draw attention to a small number of highlights which show the skills of our pupils and their willingness to get involved in the community. 

1) Interact Club 

2) Project Happiness is a project based club that looks at positively impacting the local community of Sandbach. 

3) Rainbow club – our LGBT group and allies meet to discuss feelings and thoughts in a safe space whilst looking at the needs of our LGBT community in school. 

4)Mandarin Chinese Club – Learn an interesting language and exciting culture. 

5) Poultry Club – help tend our on-site chickens; incubating eggs, hatching the chicks and raising them into adulthood. 

6) The Voice – contribute to our school magazine or be part of the publishing team.  It’s for students run by students. 

7) STEM club – Love working with Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths?  Like doing your own research? Speak to a STEM leader to know more.  Join our highly successful team who compete regionally and nationally. 

8) Mindful Mondays – looking at mindfulness and techniques to help support a positive wellbeing.