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Extracurricular Activities

There is always plenty to do in school! The following clubs are just a taste of what we offer. They run Monday to Friday in groups to suit all ages at lunchtimes and after school, and some (such as breakfast club) early in the morning before school. Times vary depending on the time of year and are displayed on our Extracurricular program which is in form rooms and on the website. 


The number of clubs which we offer as extracurricular activities remains first class and at lunch times in particular the school is a hive of activity with a wide range of clubs and societies for pupils to get involved in. The provision of clubs varies according to the particular school term and on a yearly basis according to changes in staffing. The list below gives a feel for the range of activities. Alongside the fantastic variety of PE Clubs there are also opportunities for pupils to catch up if experiencing problems in their studies as well as learn new skills or develop existing interests. On top of all the Music clubs offered are the specialist lessons. 

Most lunch times the Art block and textiles areas find lots of students engaged in activities whilst the Drama Studio seems to be bursting at the seams with the numbers attending. Old favourites like the Electric Car Club (CAUC car club ) continue to the well supported, whilst newer activities such as STEM Club and Let's Get Cooking have become popular. 

Breakfast Club is everyday in room F2 (7:45 - 8:20am) - Free of Charge

Breakfast Club

There are over 100 extra-curricular clubs available for students to join, all the information about them is available on Edulink. Below the timetable is a list of clubs available.

The academic subject support sessions for year 11 GCSE students can be seen below:


11S5 Maths Revision Tue Week 2 GCSE Science Drop-In PROJECT DANCE
A-level Biology - Drop In German Culture Club PROJECT DANCE (Year 10-13)
A-level Chemistry - Drop In Greenfingers Gardening Club Psychology Club
A-LEVEL PE Drop-in (F5) GYMNASTICS Fri (All Years) Rainbow Club
A-level Physics - Drop in History Film/TV Club Robotics
Amnesty Club History Y11 Revision Rock Band
Anti-Racism Club HOCKEY (All Years) Rugby - Y7-11 Thursday after school
Around the world in 80 documentaries Homework Club (Monday Lunchtime) Senior Science Society
A-Team Homework Club (Friday Before School) Sparks
A-Team - Siblings and Family Homework Club (Friday Lunchtime) STEM Club
AUT23 Tues VOLLEYBALL Homework Club (Monday After School) Ukulele club
AUT23 Wed BADMINTON Homework Club (Monday Before School) VOLLEYBALL (All Years)
BADMINTON (All Years) Homework Club (Thursday After School) Wellbeing Club
Bar Mock Trial Court Competition - Years 10-13 Homework Club (Thursday Before School) Whisper (Friday Breaktime & Lunchtime)
Book Society Homework Club (Thursday Lunchtime) Whisper (Monday Breaktime & Lunchtime)
Breakfast Club (Friday) Homework Club (Tuesday After School) Whisper (Thursday Breaktime & Lunchtime)
Breakfast Club (Monday) Homework Club (Tuesday Before School) Whisper (Tuesday Breaktime & Lunchtime)
Breakfast Club (Thursday) Homework Club (Tuesday Lunchtime) Whisper (Wednesday Breaktime & Lunchtime)
Breakfast Club (Tuesday) Homework Club (Wednesday After School) Y9 GCHQ Language Outreach Session
Breakfast Club (Wednesday) Homework Club (Wednesday After School) Year 10 Further Maths GCSE
Business Catch Up Homework Club (Wednesday Before School) Year 11 Drama Intervention
CAUC (Complete and Utter Chaos) Interest Rate Challenge Year 11 foundation revision
Chess Club Jazz Band Year 11 Further Maths GCSE
Choir for all Journalism Club Year 11 Mrs Parsons' Higher GCSE Revision
Creative Craft Club Key Stage 3 Art Homework Club Year 11 Mrs Parsons' Maths Higher GCSE Revision
Criminology Club Kindness Club Year 11 revision
CROSS COUNTRY (All Years) KS3 Musical Theatre Club Year 12 drop in
CyberFirst Challenge KS3 Science Club Year 13 Drama Intervention
DANCE (Year 7) KS4-5 Connections Social Group Year 13 drop in
DANCE (Year 8/9) Lego Club Year 7 Dance Club
Dyslexia Solutions Modern Languages Film Club Year 7 Drama Club
Eco Club Mrs Fishburne Year 11 Maths revision 11S3 Year 7 Singers
English Revision Sessions National Languages Competition Year 7 Social Group
Enterprise Club NETBALL (Year 10/11) Year 8 & 9 Dance Club
European Day of Languages GCHQ Careers Talk NETBALL (Year 7,8,9) Year 8 and 9 Drama Club
F1 in Schools Numeracy and problem solving club Year 8 Social Group
Fashion Friday Orchestra Year 9 Art club
Feminism Club Peace Be Upon You Year 9 Social Group
FOOTBALL (All Years) Percussion club Yr 11 & Yr 13 Fashion & Textiles Clinic
GCSE Computer Science Monday homework club Philosophy Film Club Yr 11 & Yr 13 Fashion & Textiles Support Session
GCSE French Revision - W2 Tues 10th Photography club YR 11 Support class
GCSE PE Drop-in (F6) Poultry Club YR 7 Ceramics
GCSE RS Drop In    

Some of our clubs have their own webpages:

  • Production rehearsals take place at various times/days. Please check noticeboards for details.
    Sports Clubs take place in the appropriate sports facility.
  • Music Clubs all take place in the M Block.
  • To avoid any inconvenience, students should always check details with the individual Curriculum Area concerned.
  • All Y11 Maths have afterschool revision sessions these are organised directly by your teacher.
  • Lunch can be eaten after the club during the reminder of lunch break - either bring a packed lunch or come straight to the canteen after the club finishes.
    All clubs are 12.15 to 12.45 unless stated otherwise.