Board of Trustees

Sandbach High school & Sixth Form College

Jan 2024

Dear Parents/Carers, 

I would like to start by wishing everyone in the Sandbach High School community a very Happy new Year! New Year is always a time to reflect on the previous twelve months as well as looking forward to the next. The school had fantastic GCSE, BTEC and A Level results in the summer-some of the highest in Cheshire East.  We continue to have superb attendance levels and to be oversubscribed. As parents and carers you are a key part of that success.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work alongside my fellow trustees and the staff of Sandbach High School to ensure that every child has the opportunity to maximise their potential, both academically and personally. We have had two new trustees join us recently and they are already adding to value to the team and in turn, adding value to the education your child receives. We are really pleased in particular with the significant developments to our site and the upcoming plans to develop it even further.

I hope you took the opportunity to visit or get involved with one of the many parental engagement events at the school last year, whether that be; the Christmas concert, Christmas by candlelight, careers fayre, Christmas fair, sporting events, PEG events, Achievement evenings, Parent Council, PFA meetings etc there are many more of these to look forward to this year too. I know that staff and students will be rehearsing hard this month for Sister Act for example.

And finally, thank you for your ongoing support of your child, the staff and the school. It takes a whole village to raise a child- and by working collaboratively we can support your young person to be the best they can be.

Caty Reid

Chair of Trustees


Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College Trustees play a vital role in supporting and overseeing the work of the school. 

Trustees have many key responsibilities including overseeing school policies, the school budget and decisions regarding the curriculum. 

Composition of the Board:


  • Alan Bell
  • Gemma Bailey
  • Patrick Heywood
  • Paula Jones
  • Naboth Tinarwo


  • Alan Bell
  • Orlagh Cliff
  • Sue Green - Parent Trustee
  • Gerry Heath - Vice Chair
  • Ben Hunt
  • Sharon Joyce - Careers Link Trustee
  • David Morgan
  • Caty Reid - Chair of Board of Trustees / Safeguarding Link Trustee
  • Matt Snelson - SEND Link Trustee
  • Ellen Walton - Headteacher
  • Ruth Williams  - Parent Trustee
  • Kian Woodward


Finance and Audit committee (F&A) – Chair – Sharon Joyce  (Alan Bell - Vice Chair) 

Student and Curriculum committee  (S&C)– Chair – Matt Snelson (Orlagh Cliff - Vice Chair) 

Resources Committee (R)  – Chair – Ben Hunt (co-chaired with Gerry Heath)  

Annual declarations of Conflict of Interests and pecuniary interest, roles and term.

Name Role Declaration Term (if Trustee)
Alan Bell Trustee & Member None 19/9/19-30/9/27
Patrick Heywood Member Member of Ashton West End Primary Academy Trust NA
Naboth Tinarwo Member Child attends SHSSFC NA
Paula Jones Member Children (x2) attend SHSSFC NA
Gemma Bailey Member None NA
Orlagh Cliff Trustee Children (x2) attend SHSSFC 23/10/21 – 23/10/25
Susan Green Parent Trustee Children (x2) attend SHSSFC 25/6/21 – 25/6/25
Gerry Heath Vice Chair- Trustee Director of Gerrard’s Private Hire 19/9/19 – 30/9/27
Ben Hunt Trustee None 19/9/19 – 30/9/27
Sharon Joyce Trustee Director of SAJ Accountancy Ltd

Director of AJWC (Cheshire) Ltd

Family member works at the school ( since 27/2/24)

19/9/19 – 30/9/27
David Morgan Trustee Child attends SHSSFC 19/7/23 – 19/7/27
Matt Snelson Trustee Child attends SHSSFC/ CEO of Sir John Brunner Foundation 19/9/19 – 30/9/29
Ellen Walton Head Teacher Trustee on the Cornovii Trust NA
Caty Reid Chair of Trustees Principle of Clayton Hall Academy 16/9/22 – 16/9/26
Ruth Williams Parent Trustee Child attends SHSSFC / Governor at Elworth CofE Primary school 13/12/23 – 13/12/27
Kian Woodward Trustee Child attends SHSSFC

Director, Nuvia Ltd

13/12/23 – 13/12/27


T = Trustee

M = Member

Attendance to Board of Trustee Meetings 2022-2023

Trustees attendance

Members and Trustees no longer with the Trust/ Changes on the Board in the past 12 months:

  • Jan Jackson - no longer a trustee (resigned July 23)
  • Dave Roberts  - no longer a trustee (resigned July 23)
  • David Morgan - no longer a Member (18/7/23)
  • David Morgan - Joined the Board of as Trustee (19/7/23)
  • Gemma Bailey - no longer a trustee (19/7/23)
  • Gemma Bailey - Joined the Board as Member (19/7/23)
  • Ruth Williams - Elected Parent Trustee (December 23)
  • Kian Woodward - Joined the Board as a Trustee (Dec 23)

Company information

Registered in England and Wales

Registered number: 07404747

Registered Office: SHSSFC, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 3NT