Friendships & AntiBullying

sandbach high school and sixth form college

Our Policy Is Clear

“We will not tolerate any form of bullying”.

“We aim to ensure that here at Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College all members of our community are safe. We want our school to be a place where Students, Staff, Trustees and Parents/Carers attend feeling that this is a place they feel secure and happy.”

"Leaders have created a community for pupils, students and staff based on kindness and respect. Pupils said that they feel safe." - OFSTED report Dec 22


Anti-Bullying Charter

At the start of every academic year, we will launch our Anti-Bullying Campaign “Stamp It Out!” to all students,

Staff and Trustees will then sign our anti-bullying charter which will be displayed in main reception.

Signed Agreement

All members of our community including Students, Staff, Trustees and Parents/Carers will sign and return documents stating that they have read and agree to our Anti Bullying Policy.

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Anti Bullying Working Party

21 April 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wanted to email you all with an update of the Anti-Bullying work we have been working on since I last wrote to you all in January.

Our anti-bulling ambassadors have been meeting regularly and working hard towards achieving the Diana Award Wellbeing Badge.   Over the coming weeks they will be planning and preparing a ‘Feel Good Friday’ event for both students and staff. They have some fantastic ideas and are currently preparing a presentation to the Senior Leadership Team with their proposals.  More information on this to follow in the coming weeks. They are also producing a video to promote the work they do in school, highlighting who they are and how they can be accessed and support student’s wellbeing in school.

As a school we are continuing to work towards gaining our United Against Bullying School Award. In my last letter to you, I discussed our plan to improve and develop our school Anti-Bullying Policy, including a student version and our action plan for the remainder of the year.  This has now been completed and we would like your feedback, as it needs to be shared and developed further with our whole school community.  Therefore, I am inviting any parents or carers who may be interested in joining a small working party to consult on this policy.  The aim is for you to discuss with school your thoughts on the policy and give us feedback, so that we are all in agreement as a community of our rationale and aims.  Staff and Trustees will also be part of this consultation before it is agreed and published.  If you would like to be involved, please can you email me directly at by Friday 28th April 2023.  Our anti-bullying ambassadors will then use this policy to produce a student version, which we intent to display and promote around school.

All students have now been given a card detailing how to report any incidents of bullying behaviour. Please take a look at our latest edition of the Safeguarding Newsletter (on our safeguarding webpage) for more information.

If you have any questions regarding our Anti-Bullying work here at school, please do not hesitate to contact me via the email address below.

Kind Regards

Mrs Sara Halstead, Deputy Safeguarding Lead           

The Community are aware of all types of bullying, which are as follows;
  • Threats
  • Homophobic and Racist comments
  • Verbal abuse (such as name calling, swearing)
  • Physical abuse (such as pushing, hitting, making rude gestures)
  • Psychological intimidation (making people feel bad about themselves such as the ‘evil look’)
  • Ostracism (leaving people out so that they feel like outsiders)
  • Teasing and taunting (such as picking on people, hiding their belongings, making fun of people.)
  • Grouping together in a threatening or excluding manner against someone
  • Cyberbullying is also unacceptable. We will not tolerate any bullying making use of technology including the Internet, mobile phone messages or text messages
Assemblies & PSHCE

Students and staff will be involved in the delivery of assemblies and PSHCE lessons educating students on what bullying is and the harm it causes. These are on-going and delivered to each year group.

webpage version of business card
Bullying Referrals

Students and Parents/Carers are encouraged to report incidents of bullying in one of the following ways:

  • Report to a Member of staff, including Form Tutors, subject teachers, support staff,
  • Achievement Coordinator and Senior Leadership Team.
  • Report incidents or concerns using our confidential email address

  • Use the Comment Box located in The Learning Centre (TLC)
  • Speak to a Diana Ambassador
  • Speak to your Parent / Carer who can then report by using any of the above.
Stamp It Out
Diana Friendship and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Ambassador training has empowered our students and staff to change the attitudes, behaviours, and cultures of friendships and bullying within our community by building their skills and confidence to address different situations both on and offline.  This fantastic award is delivered through their renowned peer-led approach. The school has 46 trained ambassadors who deliver numerous events and activities throughout the calendar year. This includes staff training, assemblies, parental engagement events and much more. The students perform a valuable mentoring programme in school to support our young people with friendship difficulties and unpleasant behaviour. 

Diana award