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Curriculum Intentions

Curriculum Intentions 

The Politics department supports the ethos of the school to develop each pupil’s academic, intellectual and social potential to the full and promote the idea that every pupil, irrespective of ability, is equally important and is held in the same regard. 

The main aims of studying Politics at Sandbach High School are that students: 

  • Are aware of current events in the UK and USA political arenas within a global context 
  • Make synoptic links between all 3 component: Government and Politics of the UK, USA and Political Ideologies 
  • Are aware of the history, structure and functions of British and American Governments and their effect on today’s political climate 
  • Develop their analytical skills to ensure that they are inquisitive and understand how Government and Politics can shape their future 

Curriculum Lead

Curriculum Leader Humanities Faculty:  Ms C Wildman  cwildman@sandbachhigh.co.uk 

Key Stage 5

One unit on US People & Politics and Government. 

One unit on the following political ideologies: 

  • Liberalism 
  • Conservatism 
  • Socialism 
  • Feminism 

For further information on the  A level Politics course at Sandbach College please visit: https://www.sandbachcollege.co.uk/politics/ 


We adhere to the following AQA specification:  


 Students sit three examination papers on each of these three units at the end of Year 13. The examination paper for each unit is two hours in length and each paper carries a total of 77 marks. There is no coursework. The questions range from 9 marks to 25 marks. 

Wider Curriculum

The History Department offers a range of trips for all year groups:  

Year 12 – Manchester John Rylands University Library  

Year 13 – Houses of Parliament/visit from local MP  

Useful Links

  1. Visit sites of political interest both locally and nationally where possible e.g. the Houses of Parliament
  2. Encourage debates and the formation of opinions 
  3. Read news articles regularly and watch the news daily  
  4. Enjoy a range of documentaries and podcasts 
  5. Familiarise yourself with the AQA specifications and topics that we study 


Useful websites and links: