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CAUC (otherwise known as Complete and Utter Chaos) is an electric motorsport team from Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College. We design and build electric cars in our school workshop before racing against other schools at prestigious circuits across the country, including Silverstone, Goodwood, Castle Combe and Croft. The team, consisting of around 20 students aged between 11 and 18, are supported by our technology teacher and two volunteer engineers.

Our main ethos is to inspire and encourage female students to pursue a career in a typically male-dominated industry, attempting to improve the statistic that in the UK, only 14.5% of engineers are female. By gaining hands-on experience working alongside the engineers, CAUC members are exposed to a wealth of engineering disciplines and shown the clear benefits of a career in this field. Consequently, this active participation has resulted in many of CAUC’s alumni securing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related careers.


Why Students enjoy Participating in CAUC...

CAUC is an extremely close knit team that is often describe as a family; with team members forming life long friendships. When asked what they enjoy most about the project, the most common answer amongst the team is the fact that they get to ''build race cars with their best friends.'' For many, the tech suite provides them with a safe heaven and a place where they feel they belong. The project creates a unique opportunity for learning and a social space where they can collaborate with other like minded people.

What CAUC Alumni go on to do...

  • Receive a prestigious Arkwright Scholarship
  • Industry Placements at Red Bull F1 Racing Team and Alpine F1 Racing Team
  • Accept places on a wealth of STEM related degrees including Automotive Performance Engineering, General Engineering, Industrial Design, Product Design Engineering and Computer Science
  • Become System Engineers, Product Engineer, Vehicle Integration Engineers, Design Quality Engineers and Supply Planning Manager
  • Work for TOCA Technical at the BTCC Championships

In May 2023 we had a  CAUC Green Power Trip to the Houses of Parliament.

The CAUC Green Power team were invited to attend a STEM in schools drop in for MPs representing Green Power on behalf of Andrew Griffith MP for Arundel and South Downs.

We were selected because we are a Green Power Centre of Excellence.


What We Do...

CAUC is an extra-curricular club, we meet Tuesday evening after school. The activities are frequently organised and led by the students. Not only are team members fully involved in the engineering of the cars - programming control systems, using CAD/CAM to develop the aerodynamics – they carry out general car maintenance and review the car’s telemetry to develop race strategy and spend many a lunchtime practising pit stops! In addition, the team regularly take part in promotional and fundraising activities with appearances at Autosport International, Big Bang, Sandbach Transport Festival and Car Fest North.

When a new car is under construction, the whole team swing into action spending entire weekends and half term holidays completing the build. Team members learn technical skills, the properties of materials, teamwork, leadership, and management of a multi-disciplinary team.

The races, organised by Greenpower Educational Trust, are a test of endurance. We partake in the F24 class for students aged 11 to 16. A race day involves two 90 minute races. During each race, teams are permitted to use one set of 12v batteries and have a minimum of three drivers. The winner is the car that covers the furthest distance in the allotted time. With batteries, motor and dimensions the same for every team; car design, efficiency and team tactics are crucial.

Throughout May to October, CAUC attend 6 regional heats across the country in an attempt to qualify for the International Final. Currently, we have two cars competitive racing named ‘Dylan’ and ‘Basil’

In order to remain competitive and adapt to changes in the rules, CAUC look to build a new and improved car every couple of years. It is this cycle that ensures team members continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of engineering principles. By reflecting on the successes (and weaknesses) of previous models, CAUC are able to continually build advanced cars that are consistently competitive.



Thank you to our sponsors.

We look to build a new and improved car every couple of years. It is this cycle that ensures team members continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of engineering principles. However, as with the nature of any motorsport – this doesn’t come cheap!! 

Throughout the year, we carry out a number of fundraising activities. However, as CAUC is entirely self funded, without equipment and/or money donations from sponsors, we struggle to raise sufficient funds. You would be helping us to funds race entrance fees ,build of a new car ,new set of batteries, team kit.

In return of the sponsorship, we will display you company logos on our cars, website and display boards. As a team, we are extremely grateful for any help that we receive, as without sponsors none of this would be possible.

If you would like to sponsor our team please contact:


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