Design and Technology

We teach across the full age and ability range up to and including A level and BTEC National. The material areas covered in the curriculum are Engineering, Product Design, Resistant Materials, Electronics, Food, Textiles, Graphics and Hospitality and Catering. Opportunity for professional development within the department is well-established and amply supported.

Our philosophy and practice is based upon collaboration and sharing resources and good practice. We have 8 specialist rooms including purpose built Restaurant and Kitchen, 2 Food rooms, 2 Textiles rooms, 2 Equipped Workshops and a dedicated Computer Suite. We have a range of CAD/CAM equipment including a Laser cutter, computerized Sewing Machines and Textiles printing equipment. All rooms contain or have access to a digital projector and we have 2 interactive white boards, one in the computer suite and one in the food room. We have a number of computers spread throughout the department.

This subject encourages pupils to become creative problem solvers and gives them the opportunity to develop their own design proposals making products and systems using a range of equipment, materials and components. Pupils will combine their practical skills with an understanding of social and environmental issues along with industrial practices. We aim to ensure pupils will have the necessary skills to become discriminating and informed users of products and innovators in their own right. High expectations of pupils and staff alike are essential to the teaching and learning and success of all in this curriculum area. All pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential in Design and Technology.

We have had success in a number of National, regional and local competitions.

4 ways to help your daughter

1. Visit museums and exhibitions
2. Watch TV programs such as Grand Designs, The Great British Bake Off, Design for Life and Master Chef
3. Make things at home
4. Install Autodesk Inventor on your home computer

Each year group is divided into two equal ability populations. In Year 7, 8 and 9 students are in mixed ability groups. The students are taught on a rotational system throughout the year having lessons in Food, Textiles, Engineering, Product Design and Graphics. Five lessons of 1 hour duration are taught over the 2 weeks.

The department continues to adapt and modify schemes of work in line with the ever changing developments within Design and Technology implementing the KS3 secondary curriculum. A range of teaching styles are used with great emphasis put on the promotion of active and independent learning in both the design and practical lessons. We focus on exploring tasks and the needs of the users, generating and developing designs, planning and evaluating along with the making of products.

Environmental Issues and SMSC are included in Schemes of work and ICT is used to support a number of Learning activities. We recognise as a department the value of the STEM agenda and we are adapting Schemes of work to reflect this.

We have recently introduced APP for the assessment of our current Year 7 pupils. This will be phased in across KS3 over the next two years.

The department is very successful at KS3 and results from the last three years highlight the outstanding achievement in the Key Stage. The results demonstrate the expertise at this level and are well above national averages.

In Years 10 and 11 the students are in mixed ability groups in all material areas. We offer GCSE AQA Design and Technology (Textiles, Graphics and Product Design), Level 2 Engineering, Level 2 Hospitality and Catering and GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. Students receive 5 x 1hour lessons during the week supported by 3 hours homework over the 2 week timetable.

At KS5 we offer A Level courses in Product Design, Product Design (Textiles) , Food Nutrition and Health and BTEC Hospitality and Catering and Engineering.
Technology Club KS3
Textiles workshops KS3/4
Electric Car Club
Entries for Chef of the year and similar Competitions
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