There are 5 full time members already in the Curriculum Area. The department is committed to covering Geography and Travel and Tourism across the whole curriculum as well as AS/A2 Environmental studies. All members of the department are well qualified with a wealth of experience. The department thrives on working as a team and each member has responsibilities in the department

The Curriculum Area

There are three specialist Geography rooms. All rooms have digital projectors, video, TV and walk in store rooms. Each member of the department has his/her own equipment and has access to a range of texts. There is an increasing bank of specialist networked software, DVD’s and support texts within the department and we provide an extensive range of resources via the school intranet.

Nelson Thornes text books endorsed by AQA are issued to both Geography and Environmental Studies students. Geography students also have access to the on-line interactive resources offered through Kerboodle. For Travel and Tourism we follow the Edexcel syllabus.” Each classroom has a number of display boards and the department is proud of the high standard of displays of students’ work. This helps to promote a positive working environment within the department.

Five ways to help your daughter
1. Check planners for Geography homework
2. Encourage location awareness on family visits
3. Take an interest
4. Help your child learn their keyword spellings
5. Help them find Geography issues in the news

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Each year group is divided into 2 populations. In Years 7, 8 and 9 girls are taught in mixed ability groups within a cluster of subjects, English, Geography, History and R.E. Geography has 3 x 60 minute lessons per fortnight in Years 7, 8 and 9.

At KS3 pupils are encouraged to learn independently through individual and group work, decision-making exercises, role-play, simulation games and report writing. ICT is playing an increasingly important role in the work of the department and students are encouraged to word process project work and use the Internet for research.

The focus of the department is to develop geographical skills and to encourage progression in knowledge and understanding of place, pattern and process to appreciate environmental issues and relationships. This enhances active, independent learning linked with the whole school ethos.

In Years 10 and 11 Geography is offered in two option pools and is taught in mixed ability groups. Approximately 120 girls opt to study Geography at GCSE level and most are entered for the Higher Paper. 5 lessons per fortnight are allocated to Geography and students are prepared for AQA syllabus. There is a 25% coursework component which takes the form of a field investigation. The data for this is collected on a 3 day residential course in Lancashire. For many years there has been a strong tradition of fieldwork both at KS4 and 5, which not only benefits students’ understanding but encourages team work and enhances staff/student relationships. The percentage of A*- C grades is high and well above the national average.