Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSHCE) is a valuable and necessary part of all students education, giving lifelong skills and knowledge which will help them to become informed, active and responsible citizens.  Our school aims to support and arm our pupils with the necessary resources to make suitable and beneficial life choices which will enable them to thrive as well rounded individuals.

PSHCE has two main aspects that are tailored to the needs of our pupils at Sandbach High School:

1) Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability
2) Personal Wellbeing

The PSHCE sessions are delivered through 24 morning sessions (4 of which are STEM based), each lasting 45 minutes.  These run over the Autumn and Spring term, as well as two full Alternative Curriculum Days in the Summer term.  Delivery is undertaken by a range of specialists including; Nurse Practitioners, Police, Fire and Charity Representatives as well as the form tutor who plays a valuable role in delivering the topic.

pdfPSHCE Programme Overview

Year 7

Team Building, Junk Fashion, Postcard to the Future, Family Relationships (divorce and separation), Positive relationships, Risk

Year 8

The Real Game

Year 9

Mental Health, Community Work, Role and influence of the media, Sexting

Year 10

Risk with the Fire Service, FGM, Homophobia Session, Tacking Homophobia and Transphobia projects

Year 11

Mental Well-being, Transition, Interview Techniques, Learning to Learn, subject specific revision